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Mouth Guards/Night Guards

How do you feel when you first wake up in the morning? Do you feel alert and refreshed? Alternatively, are you starting to notice a new type of pain in your mouth and jaw that does not seem to want to go away? If you are experiencing an ongoing dull headache that seems to persist, your teeth are starting to chip or look worn away, and you are having problems sleeping at night, then you may have a fairly common condition known as bruxism that affects an estimated 8 percent of all American adults.

Bruxism occurs when you grind or gnash your teeth at night, and while the cause of this problem is not very well understood, we here at Sharokina Eshaghi, DMD can help you treat this unpleasant condition with a custom-fitted mouth guard that you can wear at night when you sleep.

Can a Nighttime Mouth Guard Benefit Me?

If you suspect that you grind or clench your teeth at night, then you may be suffering from bruxism. While both grinding and clenching your teeth may seem fairly similar, they are a little bit different. Grinding occurs when you are closing your mouth and rubbing your top and bottom teeth together. Clenching, on the other hand, occurs when you bite down quite hard and do not release. Both of these conditions can lead to pain in your teeth and jaw and may also cause your dental enamel to erode down or your teeth to start to chip.

While a nighttime mouth guard will not stop you from grinding or clenching, it can help serve as a buffer, preventing damage to your teeth from occurring. Bruxism is not very well understood, but stress is considered to be a major cause of it. In addition to wearing a mouth guard, you can try to introduce lifestyle changes to help prevent yourself from grinding or clenching. Practicing relaxation techniques, limiting coffee, and avoiding smoking can help alongside a nighttime mouth guard to help protect your teeth.

Getting a nighttime mouth guard with us can help save you from quite a bit of misery. Nobody likes to wake up with a headache or jaw pain. If we suspect that you are suffering from bruxism, we will inspect your mouth and jaw for signs of it. If we determine that you do grind or clench your teeth, we will start the process of fitting you with a custom nighttime mouth guard. This can typically be completed in as little as two appointments. The first appointment involves casting an impression of your mouth, which we will send to our lab to make your mouth guard. The second appointment will help us determine that it is a good fit.

In addition to relieving your jaw pain and headaches, a nighttime mouth guard can also help improve your quality of sleep, prevent snoring, preserve your teeth from damage from chips or erosion to your enamel, and generally improve your quality of life.

Mouth Guards for Sports

We recommend mouth guards for anyone, children and adults, involved with physical activities that put them at risk for injury or trauma. This includes contact sports such as ice hockey, football, soccer, basketball, boxing, field hockey, and lacrosse. We may also recommend a mouth guard if you participate in recreational activities like skateboarding, mountain biking, and rollerblading. Even those who participate in gymnastics could benefit from wearing a mouth guard.

In general, mouth guards are used to cover the upper teeth. However, Sharokina Eshaghi, DMD may recommend a mouth guard for the lower teeth as well, specifically if you wear braces or another fixed appliance. Your custom-fit mouth guard should be comfortable, durable, and resistant to tears. A good mouth guard is also easy to clean and does not affect your breathing or speech.

Want To Know More?

To learn more about mouth guards and how they can benefit you, or to set up an appointment with us for a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for a nighttime mouth guard, please give us here at Sharokina Eshaghi, DMD a call today at (209) 526-4884!

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